On The Boardwalk, Down By The Beach

One of the first places that I ate when I got down here was Kouzzina by Cat Cora on Disney's Boardwalk. My roommate Madison and I got reservations one night at at Kouzzina by Cat Cora on the Boardwalk on a whim. We took a look at the menu before we left, and saw it was kind of expensive (for those on a college program budget, at least). 

We ended up taking the bus there, just to see how it was (and we didn't want to get lost/confused with parking). It was a super quick bus ride, and because the program had just began it wasn't too crowded. We got dropped off at the cast member area and somehow wandered our way onto the boardwalk. 

We ended up finding the restaurant no problem, and we were so early that we checked in and then decided to split a margarita at the marg stand on the boardwalk. We just sat there, talking and getting to know each other for about twenty minutes. Then the buzzer buzzed and we were seated at Kouzzina. 

We decided that we just wanted to split appetizers since it would be a lot cheaper, and a pitcher of wine. We had about 2.5/3 glasses of wine each with our appetizers. We spent about an hour there, and it was awesome. Our waitress was absolutely amazing and had a ton of recommendations for us.

After we finished eating, and drinking, we headed back down the Boardwalk, and to the bakery there. Mads has a little bit of food allergies so we had to really take a look at what we wanted to eat. We ended up splitting a desert because we were so full from dinner but it was so worth it. 

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