Oh The Questions Guests Ask

Working at Disney World there are a lot of interesting questions that I get asked, as I'm sure a lot of other people get asked as well. There are some questions that I get on a daily basis that I somewhat laugh at a little bit. Now a lot of these questions are definitely Epcot/Innoventions/my ride based because that's where I'm based.There are really only two questions that I always find super amusing, regardless what time of the day it is. 

The one question I get asked the most often that I find really amusing is "How the hell do I get out of the park?" HA! Actually, you just look for the big golf ball and that'll lead you to the quickest way out. I can understand the question if you're in the back of the park, but when you're right in the front of the park I don't really understand. Plus, there is only one way in and out of the park. 

Two: Where is [insert any ride name here]? Usually, they're standing right in front of it, especially if they're asking the question to the person at the front of the ride. 

There are other questions that aren't as amusing really, but they're quite necessary. On a daily basis I answer the questions: Where's the nearest restroom, where's the closest place to buy a coke, how long is the wait, is there a fast pass for this ride, where can you find [insert ride name here], and what time does the park close.  

I love having guest interaction all day every day. Even when it gets to be a little much, it's still my favorite part of the job that I have. If I didn't have the guest interaction, and the option to make a difference in people's vacations, than I don't think that I would enjoy my days at work as much as I do.

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