My First Birthday Away From Home

This year was the first time that I spent my birthday away from home. Ever. I was really nervous, and kind of scared that I would miss home. However, the day ended up being a great day, for so many reasons. 

The first thing I woke up to in the morning was a text message from the ex, which is actually a great thing. We were still talking a lot then, and getting that in the morning (7am my time, 6am his time) seriously made my day. [We're still friends, it's not odd for me to hear from him.] Then my best friend called me in the morning at 7am her time, 8am mine, right before I was heading to my last day of training - my assessment day. 

I ended up passing my assessment with flying colors, and being let out at 3:30 that day - thank the lord. I went home, only to find that my roommates had gotten off early as well/were off so we all went to the store to buy cake and ice cream. Plus, one of my roommates bought all the cupcake stuff so she made me cupcakes the next day. 

Then I received three packages from home: one from my mom, one from my dad, and one from my best friend. That doesn't count the countless text messages, facebook messages, and tweets/instagram posts that I received all day long. 

All in all, my first birthday away from home wasn't too bad.

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22 ;) [and totally looking forward to it]

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