Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party!

Thanks to our cast discount, my roommate Mads and I decided to go to Mickey's Not So Scary (MNSS) Halloween party. I didn't really feel like dressing up for it, and neither did she, so we just put some clothes on and went! I ended up looking like Minnie Mouse, on accident, but it was a ton of fun anyways. 

The park opened for MNSS guests at 4pm, so my roommate and I got there for opening (obviously). At 7pm, any guest who is not attending MNSS party has to leave the park. When they say by 7pm, they're not kidding. They have a ton of cast members walking around, checking your wrists for the first hour and a half/two hours. 

The wait times weren't bad at all for any of the rides. We pretty much walked onto all of the rides we wanted to do (Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain). Plus, there were tons of candy spots where you could go trick-or-treating, which of course we did. By the end of the night we each had a bag (that they provided for you) 2/3 of the way full of candy. Lord knows we didn't need that much candy, but it was something fun to do. 

I'm not the biggest fan of meeting characters, so we didn't wait in line for anyone besides Jack and Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas. Jack and Sally aren't usually ever in the parks so this was really fun to get to meet them. Plus, they're Mad's favorites. They had a bunch of other characters you could meet if that's something that you're into. Plus a lot of the characters are dressed up in Halloween costumes. 

Overall, I think it was totally worth it. We were there from 4pm, until about 11:30ish. We got to see HalloWishes, the Boo to You Parade (totally worth going see for this alone), and Celebrate the Magic. We didn't really wait in line for anything, we got to see the park decorated for Halloween (so awesome), and we got tons of freaking candy. 

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