Life Living "On Disney Property"

I don't know what I expected when I started living on Disney property, but it's definitely different than I thought it would be. Living on Disney property, there are a lot of rules, which I knew there would be. However, that doesn't mean that I agree with some of the rules. Now, I know what you're probably thinking: you signed a contract with Disney and with housing, you should have read it thoroughly before signing it if you didn't want to follow their rules. 

But that's not it. I don't mind the rules, for the most part. But some of them just really don't make sense to me. For example, the other day we put up 'Happy Harvest' decals in our windows along with some leaves. Two days later, security came knocking on our door telling us to take it down because hanging things in the windows, or on the balcony's was against the rules. Now, I could understand if it was something crude or even obscene. But it wasn't. It was decals that literally said "Happy Harvest". 

We're not allowed to hang anything on the walls, unless we're using 3M strips (which just got approved in August). So at first even decorating the inside of our apartment was out of the picture. We're seriously just trying to make it feel a little bit more like home while we live here, nothing too serious. We decided to finally hang up some stuff for Halloween around the end of September.

Other than that, we have it pretty easy here. Thankfully for me, we live right near Epcot (where I work - it's a literal 10-15 minute drive) so the drive isn't awful. I don't have to hop on the interstate - which is terrible at times. Plus, I live super close to two of the other apartments so when I drive people home/people drive me home it's not that far of a drive and I don't feel bad asking for a ride. 

Living with five other people in a two bedroom apartment is a little crazy at times, and I'm kind of getting tired of sharing everything so much. Sometimes I would really just love to relax in a bath (our tub doesn't have a stopper - no baths for us). Or even just sleep in my own bedroom. But trust me. I wouldn't change it at all. There's always someone at home to talk to or bitch to whenever work was rough. There's always someone to go to the parks with me, or even eat my food when I make too much -- I'm incapable of cooking for just one. It's a southern thing, my my can't do it either. 

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