Let's Go to the Beach, Let's Go Get Away

That song could probably be the theme song to our apartment - we're always talking about getting away from Disney on our days off when we have nothing to do. Let's go to the beach, let's go to Universal, let's go to Sea World, let's get out of here for a day, let's go pumpkin picking, let's just do something. All statements that have been previously said in our apartment. 

Well, one day my roommate Mads and I finally decided to act on it and go to Cocoa Beach. It was about an hour and a half drive since we avoided the toll roads. The drive wasn't that bad though, once you got out of Kissimmiee (the city next to Orlando). It was actually really pretty, and kind of interesting since there were cows EVERYWHERE. Mads was reminiscing about how the landscape reminded her of where she went to college, and I was just laughing about how flat everything was and how scarce the trees were. 


Once we got into the city where Cocoa Beach is located, we rolled the windows down and began blaring our music. Instantly we were put in a better mood. I've always said that I was born to be by the water somewhere, and the change in my mood instantly reflected that. I swear the second I get by any body of water I feel instantly at peace. 

We had stopped earlier for some healthy snacks and water, so when we got to the public parking we just parked and ran out to the beach. The beach here was a lot different than what I was used to - it had black sand, not white - and the water wasn't really clear. But we didn't really care about either of those things. 

We sat on the beach and read our books, played in the water, and walked up and down the shore. Honestly it was the perfect day away from the parks and all the touristy areas. We've wanted to get out more and more, and I think that going to the beach just made it so that we have to go back.

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  1. Cocoa beach is my favorite Sunday spot!!! lol always love florida for a beach you can bring your own drinks to!

    1. Ah! I didn't know you could bring your own drinks to FL beaches, next time that's what we're totally doing! I seriously wish we lived closer to Cocoa because I would be there all the freaking time.


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