I Bought WHAT?!

Well, you see....back in August when we first got down here, I decided to buy a Universal season pass. It was possibly the best and worst decision I've ever simultaneously made. You see, I hadn't ever been to Universal and the closest thing that I got to looking it up was watching YouTube videos that it was included in. So when my roommate Sarah was talking about buying a Universal pass, I jumped at the chance. 

The best thing about actually owning a season pass is the fact I can just go to the park for four hours a day if I want to and leave and not actually feel bad about leaving so soon. Plus, the pass that I did doesn't require me to pay for parking. So I'm not spending $17 on parking every single time that I go out there as well. 

The easiest way to describe Universal is honestly to say it's enormous. Like my roommate Sarah and I spent four hours on one side of the park and barely covered anything. Then the next time we went, we spent five ours on the other side and still barely covered anything. I don't understand how people can be expected to spend one day there, either at both sides of the park or just one side of the park, and accomplish everything that Universal has to offer. 

My roommate Sarah and I actually went on September 1st, and RODE THE HOGWARTS EXPRESS. Which, if you're a true Harry Potter fan, you know that September 1st is the day that all the students go back to school. It was only fitting that we rode the train back to Hogwarts that day. 

Funny story, so I texted my mom & my dad & sister when I got there a picture of the castle. My mom's response? That doesn't look like Cinderella's Castle...well, that's because it's not... but okay! My dad? Huh, where are you? And my little sister: OMG NO WAY TAKE ME THERE. Well, at least someone got it.

Otherwise, I'm not really sure what to say about Universal because it's absolutely crazy and I haven't really spent that much time there. So the next time we go, I'll definitely write an update because holy hell there's so much to do.

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