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Some of the group of friends I left

The first couple of weeks here in Orlando, I absolutely hated it. Whenever I tell people this, they're pretty much astounded. I get questions like "How could you hate it? It's the happiest place in the world?" and "Don't you know how lucky you are? Some people would kill for these opportunities!"

Trust me guys, I'm well aware. I'm aware how lucky I am to have gotten such an amazing opportunity, and I'm well aware that I'm working in the happiest place in the world. But the thing is, right before I left my maw maw (grandmother) passed away. I left literally as my family was coming together to mourn the loss of someone who had been in my life for 22 years. 

This gal followed me down ;)

Being here is amazing, but I also left so many opportunities and people back home. I had an amazing group of friends, a wonderful boyfriend, a great job, and the best family. I was an hour (max) away from New Orleans, and I never needed to use a map to get where I needed to go because I knew Baton Rouge & New Orleans like the back of my hand. 

Here in Orlando, I now had an ex-boyfriend, a small group of roommates who are my best friends here, a job that I didn't really love, and no family. I have to use my GPS to get anywhere and everywhere, and there's not a lot to do besides theme parks and tourist traps. If you do want something else, you have to drive at least half an hour. 

And then. It all changed. I started to fall in love with my roommates, and my coworkers. My job gets better and better, and I'm really starting to get good at it (though that doesn't mean I want to stay in it forever - or even the next year). My roommates have become my family. I can get to work, the grocery stores, and to play at Universal or Disney World without my GPS. 

It took a while for me to get used to it, but I'm finally happy here. It's hard for me to admit that I haven't been happy, but it was super worth taking the time and just concentrating on myself. I want to be able to put everything into this internship and just be able to experience everything that Disney has to offer - and I think I'm finally getting there. 

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