Hannibal Buress at UCF

Before my program even started, I was looking at concerts and shows that would be in the Orlando area, just for giggles and grins. It turns out that a comedian that I fell in love with over the summer, Hannibal Buress, would be playing around the Orlando area at UCF (University of Central Florida). I didn't realize it was for their welcome week, or that it would actually be on their campus. 

Students of UCF got in for free, but those who weren't students (my roommate and I) paid $25 for a ticket, and we even got let in first. We ended up sitting on the second row from the stage, which was amazing. The first act wasn't my favorite, but Hannibal Buress was worth the money just by himself. 

He ended up coming out wearing a jumpsuit with his face on it...yes, with his face on it. He told some jokes, got some laughs, and even rapped a little bit. Overall I'd say if you have a chance to go see one of his shows, you should definitely do it. (If you like comedy of course). 

The only bad thing about the night was that it was an hour long drive to UCF, and there were tolls on the way there because silly old me forgot to tap no tolls on the way there. The way back we remembered though and didn't have to pay Florida's stupid tolls. 

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