This One Time, I Checked Into the DCP

The checking in process for the Disney College Program was possibly one of the most stressful moments of my life. I think it was a combination of nerves, and not really knowing what we were doing that contributed to the stressfulness though. 

Two of my other roommates and I had checkin at the same time, so we left from the hotel (on Disney property) around 7:30, and grabbed breakfast at the food court. Then headed over to Vista Way, which is one of the apartment complexes that Disney runs, to go to check in. 

The hardest part at this point: finding a freaking parking spot. We were the first check in group that morning, and the first one of the program in general, so there were a ton of people there. Honestly check in was just a bunch of lines - a line to get in the door and get your program guide, a line to get your information  about where you work, a line to get where you're going to live, a line to get your apartment ID, and a line to get your apartment key. Yeah, a bit ridiculous. 

I was in the first group to go to Casting, so I had to rush through the last two lines, which just gave general information and information about the Disney classes. I then grabbed a bag filled with goodies, like laundry detergent, a pen, and some snacks, and hopped onto the bus to casting. 

I ended up standing on the ride there, which only took about 10-15 minutes max. Then when we finally got to the Casting Building, which was awesome on the inside and the outside, it took about two hours. Honestly, it took less for my roommates to check in, but I think it took so long because we were the first group and they weren't really ready for us. 

After check in, came the fun part: going back to the apartment!

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