The Second Week: Discovery Day & My Work Location

The Second Week of the DCP is when I finally found out where I was going to work. There was this huge day called Discovery Day where you get to walk around the park that you're assigned to. On check in day, I found out that I was going to be working attractions in Epcot. So on Discovery Day, we walked around Epcot before finding out what specific attraction that we would be working at. 

Then we go back into this huge room and they reveal the attraction. I was so nervous, but I finally found out that I would be working at an attraction called Sum of All Thrills in Innoventions. Honestly, I hadn't ever heard of the attraction before, but I was so thrilled to finally know where I would be. 

I went home that day, and just kind of thought about how it would be. I had no clue what the ride was, but I was just going to accept it for what it was and go! In two days I found out what it was: it's a create your own thrill ride - it can be a bobsled, roller coaster, or a f-15 jet. You go through and design your own ride - as long as the physics works - and then you hop on the ride, which simulates the track that you created. 

Of course, I would be placed on the ride that requires you to use physics/engineering when I was a history/anthropology major, and my best friends/ex-boyfriend are all engineers of some sort. I love the ride though, and I adore the people I work with, so it works out well. 

The actual work is not something I could see myself doing for longer than six months - it doesn't require me to actively use my brain. The only thing about it that is a little stressful is the fact that every position is a safety critical position, so you have to be alert at all times, making sure nothing bad is happening.

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