The Most Stressful Time

I have about 25 post ideas lined up in my mind right now that I want to get out, but I have absolutely no idea where to start. I feel like I want to catch up from this summer, but at the same time there's so much stuff going on right now that I want to write about. I'm caught between the two, but I'll eventually figure it out. 

Being down in Disney is an amazing and a surreal experience all at the same time. It's still crazy to me that I live in Orlando, away from my family, and I'm doing okay with it. Working here, on the other hand, is absolutely insane. The hours are crazy and long, most of the time, and by the time I get home I definitely don't want to sit down and write another blog post. But I'm about to try and change all that. I'm going to try to make myself write at least two blog posts a day until I catch up with all the ideas I have in my mind. 

I never really understood how people were like "Time flies while you're on the DCP" or "You're never going to have time for anything, but you'll have time for everything." It makes sense now that I'm down here though. Honestly, I wouldn't want it any other way. I spend so much time with my friends and coworkers that it'll be 2 am before I'm actually getting in bed because my roommates and I have spent so much time gossiping about our days. 

So far, it's been a great experience: prepare for an influx of posts about the program, and everything that led up to it, because boy do I have a lot to share. 

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