The First Week in the DCP

Honestly, for me, the first week of the DCP was definitely the hardest week. I was going through a lot of homesickness/missing the ex-boy who I still talked to on a regular basis/attempting to cope with living with four other people in a brand new place. 

Plus, the first week of the DCP is really, really slow. I checked in on a Monday, had my housing meeting on a Tuesday, my drug test on a Wednesday, and Traditions on Thursday. After that, I had nothing until Tuesday, and then I had my training from Tuesday, Wednesday, and a assessment on Thursday. It just took the longest freaking time to get everything together and everything done. 

Luckily, the three roommates that I'm close with and I tried to make the best of it. We unpacked everything on that Monday, and then went grocery shopping (that was freaking interesting). I spent about $170 the first trip to Target to get everything I needed - including cleaning stuff, and food stuff. Then we all came home and attempted to unpack everything. 

I was still in my sling from shoulder surgery at this time - and for the first two weeks - so I was pretty much useless. Luckily for me, I have three really great roommates who helped me move everything into my apartment, as well as helped me move everything when it came to grocery's as well.


There was one time the first week of the DCP where Mads and I got into the car, trying to find food, and ended up driving around for two hours attempting to find food because we didn't know what we wanted. We got so lost and the only thing we could say was "FUCK YOU GOOGLE MAPS". It's a quote that has kept on through our program so far. 

The first week may have been a little stressful, and trying, but I'm so glad I stayed with it because it's definitely been worth it. 

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