Our Apartment in Orlando!

Our apartment in Orlando for the Disney College Program (DCP) is a typical apartment. We have two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, and a living/dining area. The only thing that's different? We have six girls in two bedrooms. Yes, you read that right. SIX GIRLS IN TWO BEDROOMS. 

Honestly, the first couple weeks we were here it wasn't really bad because we only had five girls, since one roommate dropped the program we had an extra space. My roommate and I got the smaller of the two bedrooms, so it's a little cramped for space. 

Basically, each bedroom has a single bed and a set of twin beds. It's not awful, but it is a little cramped for SIX of us. The only other weird thing about it is that we only have four technical dining room chairs - we have a fifth one, but it's for the desk at the front of the apartment. 

The best thing about our apartment? We have two fridges, and thank the freaking lord for that because we can barely fit three people's stuff in one fridge, nevertheless six people's stuff in one fridge. 

Overall, I don't really mind it most days. However, there are some days when all I want to do is shut myself into my own room and just sit there. Except when you share a bedroom with two other people, that doesn't really happen. 

There's already been a little bit of roommate drama but it's mainly been with the two roommates that I figured it would be from when they moved in (one, moved in late). Four of us get along really well, we've all got the same type of personality, but even then sometimes there can be a little clash here and there. 

Honestly, I'm ready to just have my own room again - but who know's when that will be. We'll see how this goes, but for right now, I don't mind it all that much. 

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