Going Through the Traditions

Going through the Disney College Program (DCP), there are a lot of classes that you have to sit though - including one called Traditions. This was the thing that I looked forward to the most because I hadn't really heard much about it. 

Well, the thing is, you're not really allowed to talk about what goes on in the class because it's company information and you need to keep it a surprise for all the others who are still waiting to go through the process. 

I had heard the class was very long, and very trying but that didn't even begin to explain what happened at my class. The day before my Traditions class, I was freaking out. I didn't know what I was getting myself into, and there was a lot of rumors going around about the dress code, etc. 

Traditions itself was not that bad, however my shoe choice was not the greatest. We ended up walking around for an hour, and by the end of that day my feet were killing me. Traditions ended up being four hours, and at the end we got our blue company ID's which allowed us to go into the parks. My two other roommates that had the same class as I did, and I ran home, changed, and went into the parks for the first time. It was so awesome to finally be there. 

It's crazy to think that the four of us had been talking since March, and we finally met each other in August and now we're playing in the parks together. 

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