The Sweetest Summer

The only picture I'm willing to share right now (call it me being selfish; Nola June 2014)

To explain what happened the rest of my summer, and why I'll always refer to the summer of 2014 as 'The Sweetest Summer', I'll need to introduce you to someone new to this little space of mine. Though as I'm writing this, we're not together (though we still talk), it was a great few months. He made me happier in a few short months than I had been in quite some time. I grew as a person; he made me better, and for that I'll be eternally grateful. I can only hope I did the same for him. 

There were some ups (and god were they high), and one or two downs (but not very low), with us. His carefree, easygoing demeanor sometimes clashed with my worrisome self, but we made it work. We spent the better part of the summer together, only a few days here and there where I can remember not actually seeing him, though we always talked in some shape or form.

He's from the north, so at times he didn't understand my somewhat Cajun accent, and there were times where I didn't understand his somewhat crass attitude. However, his smile could seriously light up a room, and his laugh is quite contagious. There were nights, yes multiple, we spent staying up until 4,5,6 am, talking and watching the sun rise. He stayed positive for me through my shoulder surgery, even when he thought I was taking things a little too lightly. He was there for me when my maw maw passed away, right before I left for Disney. He asked me stay with him when he knew that I was scared to be home alone, without me having to say anything. And when we talked about me leaving for Disney, he kept repeating "but you're coming back."

He showed me new cities, that I quickly fell in love with, and helped me fall back in love with some of the old ones. There was almost a childish joy when traveling with him, never knowing what was coming next or where we may accidentally end up. Seeing everything from his perspective helped me to not let people walk over me so much, and to take control of situations more, which I'm awful at doing. 

He brought new music into my life, and continues to do so. We went to numerous concerts together, and there are countless nights spent at the bars around his house and in New OrleansFor me, music is one of the easiest ways to connect to someone. In fact, it was because of him that the music I was listening to pre-surgery kept me the calmest. He was the first person to text me when I got out of surgery (and the morning of my birthday, while I was in Disney). 

The weekend before I left, we had the 'what do we do when I leave' talk. It was me crying a lot, and him holding & comforting me; telling me that it's not the end of the world. I stayed with him the entire weekend, and actually making myself leave was the most difficult thing I had done in quite some time. He was the last person I saw in Baton Rouge, and I"m thankful for that. Watching him stand there watching me leave and waving as I left his place, for the final time this summer, was heartbreaking. Leaving him was the hardest part, but knowing I'm coming back in five months gives me a slight glimmer of hope. Because things ended on a, I'll see you soon, and maybe when you get back we'll figure it out. 

I could keep going on, but there are tons of things that I want to keep inside, at least for now (while things are still fresh). So here's to hoping I fall in love with Orlando, without him here, and that I continue to experience things with the childish joy that he showed me this summer.

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