The Graduate(s)

Let's start from the beginning, shall we? I graduated back in May, and then my best friend Lauren threw a graduation party for me & her boyfriend, and a few other friends of ours. It was insanely fun, though toward the end of the night, things did get a little out of hand. I mean, it's a college graduation party, what do you expect. 

We themed the party with CEO's & Office ____'s (it' rhymes with CEO's...), total classy affair. One of our friends Hannah, who couldn't make it, dropped off the bottle of fireball whiskey before the party even began. Then throughout the party, four of us (the graduates) finished the bottle within probably about five minutes. Let's just say, it's not my favorite type of whiskey (my drink of choice). 

Thankfully my spot was reserved on the couch and Lauren so graciously let me sleep over because let's be honest, there was no way in hell that I was driving home that night. The next morning she & I woke up and went to Waffle House (our food of choice, every time we're hung over). We then split ways to go spend time with our families, and recover from the night before (aka, chug gatorade).

It was a classic college party, and an insanely good ending to a great school year. There was tons of loud music, dancing, drinking games, and crazy stories shared by all. I became quick friends with some people that I hadn't met before, that thankfully I still talk to today, and got to catch up with my best friend since high school. 
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