Music of the Moment: Ryn Weaver

You've probably never heard of her, but right now I'm obsessed with an artist named Ryn Weaver. She's absolutely amazing. She's (just recently) 22 years old, and captures all of the feelings that I have in a way that I never knew someone could.

I originally found her because my guy was listening to her the day she dropped her first song, OctaHate. I walked into his apartment and immediately fell in love with her voice and her lyrics. Afterward, I literally downloaded the song the second I got home and played it over 200 times in three days. You could say I'm a little obsessed. 

The second her EP, called Promises (and shown down below), came out I bought it. This time, I found it on my own though. Luckily I had figured out what soundcloud was and had been using it when she released the album. If you have the time, I'd definitely suggest giving the EP a listen from beginning to end. It's worth it, and only takes about 15 minutes.

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