An Extreme Adventure: The X-Games Austin

Quite quickly after meeting the guy from the previous post, he invited me to go to the X-Games Austin with him & his best friend. After going back & forth in my head if I wanted to go or not, he finally convinced me to go with him. And thank god I did. I had such an amazing time, and really got to know these two guys really, really well. By the end of the long weekend, there were very few things that we didn't know about each other. 

Driving down there was a little bit terrifying; I mean, I was walking into a trip without knowing them very well. The ride down was a little quite for the first hour or two (of an eight hour drive), though once they started playing really random music (that I quickly fell in love with) things began to unwind and let loose. 

We stopped off in Houston for dinner at a Coney Island Hot Dog place, ate really quickly, and then got back on the road. From then on out, we let loose and began to get to know each other really quickly. As soon as we got to Austin, we decided to go out. The boys only had to change, but I threw on some clothes and makeup as quickly as I could so we could taxi down to Rainey Street. We definitely had a great time on Rainey Street. 

Now, to the X-Games. It was $80 for a ticket, and it was probably one of the best investments I made this summer. We got to experience a ton of different things, but the top three moments of the trip for me had to be: 1. Watching big air in a club setting while dancing with my guy to DJ Cash Cash and the moments that followed that as well. 2. Seeing Kanye West, the guy's favorite artist, and watching them freak out like little boys. It was absolutely amazing and so funny to see them freak out about something so badly. 3. Going out on Rainey Street on a Sunday night. (And one more just because: staying up until 5am, sitting on a corner in a parking lot with my guy just talking about everything and anything in general; it was that weekend that I decided I wanted to get to know him better, and I'm sure glad that I did)

There are tons of stories that I can't share, because they're definitely not appropriate. And there are some moments that I can't even explain because they're too absurd. It's the little things that mean the most to me, which include all of the little inside jokes that they let me in on & that we created that weekend. These two boys began to mean a lot to me, and they still do. Though I don't get to see them since I'm far away, I try and stay in touch with them as much as possible. 
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