A New Orleans Wedding

The next 'massive' event that happened this summer that I can think of is my cousins rehearsal dinner/wedding. My younger sister & I were in her wedding party, bringing up the gifts during Mass (it was a Catholic ceremony, so it was long with many parts). Because of this, we were invited to the rehearsal dinner. 

We were never good at behaving in Mass

The dinner was so much fun, and SO freaking nice. Since she got married in the church, we had to be dressed in appropriate clothes, aka church clothes. Then she wanted to continue the theme of looking nice, so we had dinner at a country club in New Orleans. It was seriously one of the nicer places I've been in New Orleans, which is saying a lot. 

My not-so-little sister
While the rehearsal dinner was really fun, the wedding was 2340283x's better, which is hard to believe. Because our family is so large, we basically only had family at the wedding with a few friends, and there were still 200 people there. We joked the entire night it was basically just a huge family dance party. 

Texting that boy...
The beautiful bride & groom 
I really loved getting to celebrate with my cousins and just laugh and let loose. My dad drove us down to Nola that night, so my younger sister & I were free to drink and just have a good time (which we did to our best ability). Nikka (a family nickname for the bride) looked absolutely stunning, and her now-husband looked like he had an amazing time. With everything that had been going on, family-wise, this summer, it was nice to just have everyone let their worries go & just party like the good New Orleanians that we are.

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