The End of An Era

The last day of my internship at Oakley Plantation was interesting to say the least. One of my professors wanted to see what it was like at my internship, and the director of my internship suggested taking pictures in one of the dresses that I would wear on some days. It was so much fun, and exciting. I absolutely loved dressing up and taking pictures. Above is the outcome of that day. 

Working at Oakley Plantation in St. Francisville was an absolute dream. The people who work there were amazing, and the other girl that I interned with made it even more fun. There were days that were tiring, and stressful that's for sure, but in the end I learned so much from it. People often ask what I can do with history & anthropology degrees, but the thing is, I can do anything. Working at Oakley showed me what it was like to not only work at a state park, but a historical site, and a plantation.

Although the kind of work they do there isn't necessarily the kind of work I want to do, I now know that I can do it. One day I did some curatorial work, and fell in love with it. Although it was somewhat boring, it was more interesting than giving the tours (or so I thought). It furthered the idea that I want to work in a museum later on. 

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