Overcoming My Fears: One at a Time

I read somewhere the other day (real concrete, I know) a quote about fears that really stuck with me. I haven't a clue where I heard it, but this is what it said: 
People aren't afraid of heights, they are afraid of the fall. They are not afraid of the dark, they are afraid of what's in it. 
There was more to the quote, but this is the part that sticks out the most to me. You see, there are so many things that I'm 'afraid' of. I'm afraid of being alone, doing things by myself, the dark, heights, flying. The list goes on, and on; honestly, I could sit here for hours and just list things that scare me. But that's not the point of this post. 

The point of this post is to say that I'm overcoming these fears. I'm facing them head on, one at a time. To prove to myself that I can do this, that fear doesn't have to hold me back. 

On Sunday, I decided to conquer the first one of these fears: doing things alone. I had just gotten back from Cocodrie, and my dad was still at the camp. Since I was home alone, I decided to bite the bullet and just go. Originally, I wanted to see Divergent but I read the wrong time and missed the only showing that day. Instead, I had to come up with a different movie to see. So The Amazing Spider-Man 2 it was.

I decided to go to the neighborhood theater (best decision ever), by myself, at 9:20 at night to see a movie. You see, I live in a nice neighborhood, it's not super fancy, but it's in the good part of time. I had no reason to be nervous/freaking out, but I was. I got up the nerve and left 30 minutes ahead of time, even though it takes me a literal five minutes to get there. 

By getting there early, I was able to keep my anxiety a little bit at bay. I ordered my single movie ticket, got popcorn and a coke, and walked to the theater. I was the first person there, obviously, so I could pick any seat that I wanted. Top row, middle seat. Perfect. Then, I waited. Five minutes before the movie started other people came in, and I have to admit that I was relieved. 

I sat through the entire movie, without freaking out, and enjoyed it. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I actually enjoyed going to the movies by myself. Now that I've done this, I feel as if I can do anything...but let's just take it one step at a time right now.

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