My DCP Journey: Finding Roommies

I knew the second I was accepted that I didn't want to go in doing random roommates. I wanted to feel secure in my apartment, and that started with finding people to room with. I knew I wanted to live in the 21+ apartment, because if I want to drink a beer in my apartment, I'm going to drink a beer. The easiest way for me to find roommates was by joining the August 4th arrival group and start from there. I also joined the DCP Greeks group because I figured that would be easy to find roommates too. 

I wanted to room with people who were like me, and I wanted to know we'd get along (hopefully) beforehand. I went through a couple of girls roommate surveys, and filled out my own, and then facebooked a few different people. I ended up finding one roommate, and she and I started our search for the other four. 

We found a group of two girls, who we loved, and then two other girls who we fell in love with as well. Literally a few hours after joining the group and finding my roommate, we already had four other girls we wanted to room with. We've been chatting/facebooking the entire time since. We all seem to get along really well, and now it's just a waiting game. We're hoping for Chatham or Patterson for our apartments. 

Is it time yet? Because I'm so ready. 

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