March 12, a day I will forever remember quite vividly. I woke up that morning really early because I had an Italian quiz to study for. In your last semester, it was important for me to keep my grades up, which thankfully I did. Right before I was about to take the quiz, I decided to look through my email really quickly. This ended up being SUCH a bad decision for me because I couldn't focus on the quiz whenever it came time to take it. I ended up being ACCEPTED to Attractions for Fall 2014! As soon as I finished the test I walked out the room with my phone to try and get as much information as possible. 

I ended up finding that my role was attractions, and that the first step was for me to submit my program fees, then I could select a date for arrival, and then I would have to provide them with additional information. I couldn't pay my arrival fees until I got home because I didn't have my wallet on me, but you can bet that the second I got home I paid my fees. 

When thinking about selecting a date, I knew that I wanted to be there as soon as possible. August 4th was the first available date, so I didn't hesitate to choose it. I was absolutely giddy when I found out. I went onto the Facebook page later that day and saw that a wave of Attractions acceptances came out. I joined the August 4th Arrivals Facebook page, Fall/Advantage 2014 - Attractions page, and the DCP Running Page. I was giddy and couldn't wait. The first thing I wanted to do? Look for roommates, but more on that next time. 

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