My DCP Application Process: The Phone Based Interview

To be completely honest, this is the part of my application process that I was completely dreading. It didn't matter how much research that I did, I never felt ready. The day before the interview, and even the day of the interview I was a nervous wreck. I couldn't concentrate on anything but Disney (has anything really changed?), and I was so nervous that I was going to answer the questions wrong. 

I had looked up questions for my specific role, as well as some of the general questions, and filled them out. Answered them as honestly and creatively as I could, and tried to just tell myself to calm down. There were so many people who had done the interview before I did, and I was SO jealous. I just wanted to get it over with. 

The day of the interview, the second that I got out of class, I hightailed it to my house as quick as I could. I locked myself into my room at home and just started watching YouTube videos about a bunch of different subjects, almost all dealing with Disney World. Then came the waiting period. They can call you either 30 minutes before your scheduled time, or 30 minutes after your scheduled time. I made sure that my phone was charged completely and on loud so that when it rang I heard it. 

My interviewer ended up calling at the exact time that I had scheduled, which was a huge relief for me. They say that you're supposed to smile when you are talking, which I did, as well as staying in one place (which I didn't do) and speak as clearly as possible. The second she called me I got so nervous that I started PACING around my room...literally circles, trying to calm myself down. It ended up being fine, and I thought that I did alright. Not great, but not awful.

She asked me about how I would handle certain situations, and if I was okay with certain work situations. She then asked me questions about my top roles, which I said were: BBB (the bippity boppity boutique), attractions, photopass, recreation, and merchandise. She only asked me questions about BBB, Attractions, and PhotoPass, thank goodness or we would have been there all day. After asking me specific questions about the roles, she then asked me if I would be okay working Quick Service, or Custodial. Although I had a little bit of hesitation, in the end I agreed. In all honesty, I just wanted to be on the program, I didn't really care what role I received.

At the end you could ask the interviewer any questions, which is actually really encouraged. I ended up asking about how she got her start with Disney, if you could work with Run Disney while you were down there, and something else that I can't really remember right now...A lot of people take this time to request parks, but honestly I didn't want to. I want to be surprised, and I figure Disney will place me in a spot that's the best for me, and I want to be surprised. 

Later that evening I received the "Thank you for interviewing" email that you normally receive after the phone interview process. They say it'll take about 2-3 weeks before they'll get back to you and let you know your status. So after that email, I just waited.... 

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