My Blogging Beginnings

I've been blogging, on blogger format, since about 2010. But honestly, I've been blogging on myspace, livejournal, and xanga for as long as I can remember. In all honesty, I've forgotten most of the blog names that I've had on myspace, tumblr, livejournal, and xanga. However, I remember my old blogger account like it was yesterday. 

I started it as A Day in the Life of Ria, then created Peppermints & Pixie Dust, which finally transformed into From The South, my current blog. I recently was reading some of my old blog posts on my original blog and am kind of astounded with some of the posts that I had written. 

One that really stuck out to me was around the time my last serious boyfriend and I started dating. It's written the day after my birthday, and all about holding hands. While it may bring back some memories that aren't so great, it also reminds me of the good times. I was so happy, and still am, and reading back brings back really great memories as well. 

My favorite quote, that apparently I wrote, says this: 

After the first time you hold hands with someone, comes the kissing and nicknames and all that other cute stuff. When you hold hands with someone, it’s like you’re telling them “I like you. I trust you. I’d like to show the world that you mean something to me”. Holding hands is such a small gesture with a big meaning.
It's kind of funny to me because it's still something that I believe today. I still think that holding hands is the greatest feeling in the world, granted it doesn't happen to me as much now, and that it's one of the most serious displays you can have. 

Remembering where I came from, and the people who have been along with my journey reminds me to stay true to myself. The past holds a great deal of meaning to me, and I do like to revisit it. It's crazy to see how wise I was whenever I was younger. It's odd to see how far I've come, but I couldn't be happier. 

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