Down to the End of the World

There's this small place at the end of the world, or you know. . . the end of Louisiana, called Cocodrie. It's possibly my favorite place in the entire world. I've mentioned it many times, such as when I talked about playlists that bring back memoriestalking about my Mardi Gras weekend (away from Nola)mentioned in my 'things you need to know' post, and even a look back at 2012 [wow...was this a blast from the past or what; definitely brought back some memories]. 

While I've spoken of it a few times, I've never really talked about it in depth. It's hard to say why I love it so much, and I don't know if I could ever do it justice. Maybe I haven't spoken about it because it's just such a personal place to me, or maybe it's because I don't even know how to begin to describe it. 

To many people, it's just an old fishing camp. They probably wouldn't see anything special in such a run down, tiny place, but I do. You see, I've never brought a friend there, or more importantly, I've never bought a boyfriend there. It's my little place at the end of the world, and I don't want to share it. 

Whenever Elliot broke up with me, I hid for quite some time. At school, I threw myself into school work and being busy, but at home was a completely different story. Not long after we broke up, my dad proposed a trip to the camp. While it didn't fix the hurt that I was going through, it helped. There was a peace to being by the water that calmed my heart, and my head. 

Now, it's not so much about going to gain relief from the breakup (since I'm quite single -- and will probably stay that way for a little bit), but to gain relief from myself. You're probably reading that being like...homegirl, what? But let me break it down for you: during the week, I'm going, going, going. It's 0 to 100 in .05 seconds. Then the weekend hits, and I stop, and every thought that I have since then comes back to me. Going to the camp cuts me off from reality. I don't look at my phone, or computer, or anything else. I just sit and fish, read, talk with my family, or sing along to the songs playing on the radio. 

I've never felt so free anywhere else, and I wouldn't trade it for the world. 

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