How Does One Tear Their Rotator Cuff?

How does one tear their rotator cuff? A question I've been asking myself for the last three weeks now. You see, I'm accident prone, (technically, the term is hyper-mobile, but whatever) and I tend to get hurt quite often. Well, back in March something in my shoulder popped while I was working out. I wasn't sure what it was, and I stayed off of it for a week to let it heal. After I thought it healed, I went back to my normal workout routine. 

Fast forward to late April-early May, my should began to hurt just to reach for things at work, or lift boxes. I decided it was time to go and actually get it checked out. My first stop was the student health center on campus. I figured it wasn't anything serious and they could probably help me, rather than heading to my orthopedist. Wrong. 

They weren't sure what was wrong, so they just gave me a sling and told me they needed me to come back in for x-rays, and they could call someone out for me. No thank you. I ended up just heading to my orthopedist. Three hours, and many x-rays later, they didn't see anything wrong with my bone structure (yay!), but it was probably an issue with my ligaments/muscles (boo). 

They're not sure exactly what muscles/ligaments it is, and don't want to rush into things. So for now I'm doing lots of Physical Therapy until I go back to get it checked out again. If it's still not better, they're sending me for an MRI...Let's hope it's something simple, and not a torn rotator cuff (which they think it may be).

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