College Graduation & Why I Didn't Want to Walk

I had a deal with my dad when I entered college: graduate in four years. It didn't matter what I graduated in, or how I did it, just graduate. I started my freshman year as an Architecture student, and ended as a double major in History - Secondary Education, and Anthropology. Halfway through my sophomore year, I dropped the Secondary Education part. 

I've always known that I wanted to go to graduate school and at least get my masters, if not my PhD. School is always something I've enjoyed. Attribute it to my middle child syndrome, or my mother passing down her love for books and reading. I like learning things, and school provides me with the opportunity to do that. 

Going through my last semester, I struggled with the decision to walk across the stage or not. In the end, I'm glad I did it, but I wasn't firm in my decision. Originally, and even up until noon on graduation day, I didn't want to walk. I didn't see the reason in walking across the stage as a validation that I needed. I knew I graduated. I knew I made over a 3.0, and I knew that I received two degrees. What was the point? 

The point: my dad wanted me to do it. My mom appreciated me doing it. And I got to see people I haven't seen in a while, and see people in my sorority graduate, and it was good. I'm glad that I went because I have the memory of the dean of my major jokingly telling me not to trip as I walked across the stage, the dean of the college telling me he was proud of me for completing a dual degree in four years, and hugging the professor that has had the greatest impact on my college career after I walked off stage. 

While the choice to walk wasn't a super important one to most, or a very hard decision, but it was one I still struggled with. In the end, I knew it would mean a great deal to my family to see me walk across the stage, and accept my diplomas, and boy am I sure glad that I did. 

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