Calling Fashion Bloggers Out, One Donut at a Time: You Did Not Eat That

Okay, let's take a  break from normal programing for .05 seconds so I can tell you about this Instagram account that I found. I follow The Cut on Facebook, which is a part of New York Magazine. They recently did an article featuring the Instagram acccount youdidnoteatthat. Y'all, I am absolutely obsessed. 

The Instagram account isn't there to just mean spiritedly call people out on their eating habits, but to jokingly pick fun at them. We all know that a lot of the beauty bloggers life is curated. There isn't ever anything out of place, and everything always looks pristine. I admit to being jealous of some of them every now and then. When peoples lives look so easy, and perfect it's hard to not be jealous. 

Most bloggers just laugh, and some even jokingly respond to the pictures that are reposted to the account. However some fashion bloggers like Emily Schumann of Cupcakes and Cashmere, and Juile Sarinana of Sincerely Jules have gone out of their way to blog the Instagram account. However that has not stopped them from still posting some of the pictures. 

Honestly, I feel like this account is both harmless and hilarious. There are some bloggers that are in on the joke, and some that cannot stand it. I love this, and think that it's just a funny joke. If you think about everything that goes on in fashion blogging, there's absolutely no way that some of these girls are eating everything that they're saying, and this is one reality check that needs to be done. 

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  1. Oh, my, everything...

    I know what I'll be doing all morning.


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