A Look into My DCP Application Process

One of the things that I really looked into when I was applying for the Disney College Program was the application process & people's timelines for acceptance/NLIC/pend. Even though I did a lot of research about the process, I honestly don't think that anything could have prepared me for my journey. 

This first post is going to be about my timeline; how/when I heard from Disney, and then I'll take each part of the process and break it down for you. Honestly, I have too many thoughts about each little step to keep it all in one blog post. 

February 6th - Application Started 
February 6th - Thank You For Applying 
February 7th [around 2 am, at this point] - Web Based Interview 
February 7th - Congratulations --> Schedule a Phone Based Interview, Confirmation 
February 14 - Phone Based Interview, Thank You For Interviewing 
March 4th - You've Been Pended 
March 12th - Congratulations!, Submit Program Fees, Select Date, Additional Information 
March 13th - Found My Roomies! 

This was possibly the most nerve wracking month and a few days that I've had in my entire life. It was such a stressful period, but possibly the most rewarding. I've wanted to do the Disney College Program since an older friend of mine did it. She had such a good time that I knew that I had to at least try. 

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