A Look Ahead: The Next Three Months

Looking at the next three months, kind of scares me a little bit. In less than three months, I'll be living in Orlando, Florida, working for Walt Disney World. I'm ecstatic, scared, and ready. It's a strange mixture of feelings, but it's a good one, that's for sure. 

Since this blog is my personal blog, I'm going to try and write posts as much as possible when I'm on the program. It probably won't be every day, because let's face it, I want to live in the moment and absorb as much as possible, but it will be at least once a week. Wether it's a Weekly WrapUp type post, or a short post about how I'm feeling, there will be something. 

I've talked about the program before when I talked about life after collegebeing nervous about going to Orlando, and even receiving the DPC postcard. I've got upcoming posts about my interview and acceptance process, my bucket list, my roommate survey, my role, a Disney Tag, and a few of my Disney favorites. This blog may be a little "Disney-centric" for the upcoming month or two, but I promise it won't be too overboard. 

I've started a main channel where I'll be posting sitting down/more high quality videos, and a vlog channel where I'll post daily(ish) vlogs during my program. I want to remember these moments and how the program goes. 

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