The Long Lost SD Card

Here's one of the long lost photos, trying to figure something out (per usual)
Alright guys, I'm here to give y'all fair warning that the next couple of weeks posts may be interspersed with posts from a couple of months ago. You see, once upon a time there was an SD card. I was obsessed with this SD card, because it held 16 GB of memory on it. Then sometime in the chaos that was Christmas time/moving from home back to the sorority house I lost said SD card. 

BUT GUESS WHAT?! I cleaned my room at my dads house the other day and found it. This means that I've found a ton of older pictures that I'd been meaning to upload onto my computer for forever now. I know I don't have to upload them, but I feel like I freaking took these pictures & had posts all planned out so guess what, better late than never. 

Some of the posts have to do with Christmas (oops), and BirchBox, and Influenster, and you know...just everything else that I've been meaning to post. 

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