The Influenster University Vox Box

I signed up for this site called Influenster a few years ago. Basically, you sign up and you can fill out a bunch of different surveys about things you like and thing you don't like. After doing that, they decide if they want to send you a few different themed boxes. 

Recently, I received a vox box from Influenster called the University Vox Box. Basically, it's a box for college students. They sent me a few questions about my shade of makeup, and other things I used and this is what I got! 

I was really excited to get it because I had absolutely no idea what would be coming in the box, so I couldn't wait to open it. I really love everything the brand Rimmel does, so this was the best thing for me in the box. I love the Stay Matte formula, and the color matches me perfectly. The next thing that I was kind of excited about was the pen. You're probably like...wut? But I thought it was going to write in the color that the grip didn't. It writes in black, which is fine, and it writes well so it's all good. 

The next few things I wasn't as happy about. I don't use press on nails, so I probably won't use these...or if I do, I probably won't like them. I just really like to paint my nails. Next up was the NYC lipstick. It's a great color, but it feels a little cheap to me. I haven't tried to wear it all day just yet though, so I can't really say how the lasting power is. Lastly in this group was the RedRose Real Tea. I kind of felt that this was a little unnecessary because I've always got some sort of sweet tea or unsweetened tea with me that I just make really quickly. The last thing I was kind of indifferent about: tampons. I like that it's the brand that I use (playtex sport), but other than that I was just like....that's cool. 

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