My Internship at a Plantation House

This semester I was luckily enough to receive an internship at Oakley Plantation on the Audubon Historical Site in St. Francisville, Louisiana. This is the place where John James Audubon spent a few months tutoring one of the daughters of one of richest man in the south. It was at this plantation that Audubon began painting and studying all of his birds. The house is an amazing, old plantation in the style of the plantation homes you would normally see in the Caribbean. 

I'm there every Saturday to help with whatever they need. So far I've done some gardening, shadowed on house tours, taken care of the animals, polished furniture, and cleaned up whenever they need me to. I've learned so much more about Louisiana during the 18-19th century. For my internship, I've got to work 90 hours this semester (about 11 full days). At the end of the semester, I have to write a 10 page paper about what I learned, and some information about the work that I did. I've never worked on a plantation before, and this has been an absolutely amazing experience. I seriously cannot even get over how lucky that I feel for being given this opportunity.

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