Music of the Moment: Ben Rector - When A Heart Breaks

"and you don't need Jesus, till you're here, then confusion and the doubts you had up and walk away, they walk away, when a heart breaks"

This was another one of those songs that came on my A Great Big World Pandora stations and I instantly fell in love. I've been in a calm music/calming music mood as of late, and this fits in perfect. I go through stages with my music tastes. Currently it's calming music & country music, two that often go hand and hand (at least to me). 

I think that as senior year is beginning to come to a close, I begin to freak out a little more (even though I have a somewhat plan now). Listening to music that's a little slower and a little calmer helps me to just sit back and take things slowly, something that I'm honestly not very good at. I like the constant motion of being on the go and always doing something, but since it's my last few months in Louisiana (for now), I've been taking things a little bit slower than normal. You could say I'm finally starting to fit into the slow pace of life that many southerners have down here. 

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