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I went to the eye doctor the other day, what's up almost blind life, and I had a ton of homework that I needed to do, so I brought it with me. Today just so happened that I was doing my World War I reading about the Battle of Verdun (one of the worst battles of World War I). While I was waiting, I read. When the eye doctor came in, he asked me what I was reading, so I explained it to him. But what really got me here was his response: "A girl like you interested in military history? It's not too bloody or gory for you?" I'm sorry, but what's that supposed to mean? 

You see, this isn't the first time recently that someone has said something like this to me, and quite honestly I'm taken aback every single time. The other day, I was talking to a guy friend and he made a comment about how "we all know you'll just be sitting in the patio supervising while your dad does all the work." I'm sorry, but is this freaking real life? My immediate response was: Just because I'm pretty doesn't mean I'm dainty. I know about cars, trucks, working on my paw paw's camp, doing work around the house, cooking, cleaning, and a hell of a lot more. The guy was pleasantly surprised by my response, but I was pissed. 

When did it become okay for people to look at someone and say that "you're a girl, we know you're not into boy things." I know there's always been that stigma, but I've never actually experienced it first hand before. I'm one of maybe seven girls in my World War I, and World War II classes. I like military history. I find it super interesting. I'd rather be outside fishing, and helping my dad fix up things around the house, or work on our cars, than go shopping and getting my nails done. But that doesn't mean that I don't like dressing up every other day and putting makeup on & painting my own nails. I refuse to stick to some stigma of what a girl is supposed to be because my parents raised me well, and made damn sure that I was well rounded. 

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