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I've always been an active kid. My entire childhood was pretty much spent outside. The only time we were allowed (read: wanted to be inside or locked in against our will) inside was during the winter if it was too cold or during the summer when it was too hot and we had a chance to get heat stroke (which I have gotten....many times). However, when college hit and I stopped dancing, all my workout motivation pretty much stopped as well.

I didn't get the illusive 'Freshman 15', more like the 'College 20'. Now, in my senior year, I've come to realize just exactly how much weight I've put on, and how it made me feel. I was slow/sluggish, just flat out lazy. Why walk somewhere when you can take the bus? Why get out of bed and walk downstairs to get some tea or coffee? Really though. This semester I realized just how badly I was doing in the fitness department after I ran my third half marathon. 

It's not that I'm fat, or because I want to lose weight, but I seriously want to have more energy. So I've started working out everyday (except Sundays - OFF DAY!!). And you know what? After three weeks, I feel so much better already. I've dropped 7 pounds (which a lot could be water weight, but I'm still happy regardless), and I've gotten stronger. I previously couldn't do a push up, and now I can do at least 10 (girl push ups), which is not much, but it's something. 

My friends Lauren & Polly have been amazing with keeping the energy up. Lauren and I go to classes everyday at the Rec, and then I'll work out for about another hour (either before or after class - just depending on how tough it is). Then Polly & I are now training for a Triathlon (!). Just a sprint triathlon, but still. I'm so excited. 

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  1. hey, good for you! regardless of the weight, it's amazing how much better just MOVING can make you feel. I'm going to remember this post on my run today :)


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