The Week of Little Productivity

I swear, getting any kind of work done this week (or last week...or next week) is going to be pretty close to impossible. Not only is it New York Fashion Week, something I'm personally obsessed with, but it's also time for the WINTER OLYMPICS. Helloooo, procrastination. I mean seriously though, whoever said that the last semester of college was the easiest, lied. I have even less drive now than I did last semester. 

You can check here for all the latest fashion news/trends straight off of the runway of NYFW. The shows don't end until February 13th, so you still have time. Plus, they have all the collections, so if you're looking to waste some more time, you can go through the collections that have already run. My personal favorites? Badgley MIschkaCarolina HerreraMilly by Michelle SmithDonna Karan New York/DKNY [absolute favorite],  Tadashi ShojiBCBGMAXAZRIA, & so many others. It's impossible for me to narrow it down to just a few shows because I'm seriously loving so many of the trends for Fall 2014. 

And now from fashion on the runway, to fashion in the cold (kind of... but that was the best transition I could think of, so oh well). I've been watching the Winter Olympics at Sochi on NBC Olympics website since they began. My first favorite event? Figure skating. I used to take figure skating lessons (when I was much younger) so I've got a soft spot in my heart for all of the figure skating events. My second favorite event? Snowboarding. I've always wanted to learn how to snowboard. Skiing looks cool and all, but there's something about snowboarding that gets me. Maybe the challenge, since everyone says it's just so much more difficult than skiing. The final sport that, surprisingly, really caught my eye? The luge. I didn't really know much about it before the Olympics began, and quite honestly I still don't know all that much about it, but it's seriously fascinating. 

And that, my friends, is why I will be so unproductive this week.

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