The Road to Becoming a Morning Person

Anyone else dreaming of this warmer weather?
I'm not a morning person. At all. But this year I've decided to start waking up (on time) earlier for work. I've got to be at work for 7am (ish), which means that I'm usually hitting snooze until 6:45 and rolling out of bed & running down stairs. This semester I'm trying to stop procrastinate so much in the morning, and actually wake up on time (aka, 6am). By waking up so early, I'm able to get ready in the morning, fully, and still have a little time to eat breakfast before going outside to catch the bus. 

The only problem with this? I am flat out exhausted, usually by 10 pm. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but I live in a sorority house & have to share a room. My roommate & I have completely opposite schedules, so sometimes it's difficult in the morning to get ready, or at night to fall asleep at a decent hour. Plus, as my mother so dearly tells me, I'm like a bull in a china shop. If there's something for me to run into/trip over, you can bet it'll happen. Being quiet, when you can barely see, early in the morning is a lot more difficult than you would think.

Something that living in the exact. same. room. as someone has taught me, is that you have to compromise. A lot. Now, I used to share a room with my younger sister, but we had pretty much the same schedule so it was fine. But with me waking up at pretty much the crack of dawn (for a normal college student), it can get a little hectic. 

The easiest thing for me on the road to becoming a morning person? Coffee. I've started to drink my coffee black, or with a little bit of skim(or almond) milk. It seriously wakes me up in the morning & gets me on track. Plus, I like to read the newspaper (normally the New York Times and our hometown's newspaper) in the morning before doing anything else. 

I'm doing alright at going to bed earlier, but the whole waking up on time thing is still escaping me a little bit. Hopefully as the semester goes on I'll be able to stick to some sort of schedule. But until then, here's to some sleepy freaking days.

What are some of your tips & tricks for actually waking up in the morning? I'm desperate for any help. 

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