Let's Talk Money....and how I'm broke

I miss you, Italy!
Today I'm going to talk about something that I hardly talk about with anyone in real life, money. You see, I've got credit card debt still from my trip to Italy this past summer. I funded pretty much the entire thing myself, with my dad chipping in a little bit to help me along the way. So in 2014, I'm putting myself on a spending ban. What this means for me, is that instead of spending ANY money on unnecessary things (such as makeup, clothes, & eating out), I'm going to start putting that money into my savings account. 

Since I'm graduating in May, I want to have a little bit of money saved up in case I want to travel, or maybe even fly somewhere to look for a job. I'm really, really, really bad at spending money. I can justify pretty much anything that I want in my head really easily. So, instead of just going to drugstores to purchase makeup on a somewhat weekly basis, I'm going to start withdrawing cash. I'll get $50 for every week (or two weeks, depending on what's happening this week). 

Since I live pretty much on campus, I won't really be spending any money on gas (thank the lord!), except for when I go home. Honestly, I plan on spending a lot more weekends at home this semester in order to save a little bit of money. You see, on the weekends (starting Friday at lunchtime) we're on our own for food. This means that lunch & dinner must be bought by whoever lives in the house to feed themselves. This adds up to be SO much money spent, and since we don't have access to a full kitchen, we can't even cook a meal or two. 

Hopefully, this will let me save up a decent amount of money before I graduate. I've got to pay off my credit card debt before I can start even thinking about buying things that I just want. I'm starting to think about the material things (that I've become obsessed with) and how much I really don't need them. Plus, if I move at any point in time, I probably won't be bringing everything with me. This year is going to be about cutting out more of the material things, and adding in more time with family and friends. 

I know, I know, it's already February, why are you coming up with this now? Basically, because I can. Who says you have to start resolutions in January, you can make it a new year anytime you want ;). 

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