Ice in the South?

Recently, I've heard so much crap being talked about the South because of the massive ice storms that we've had lately. Just like when we laughed at the North for freaking out about hurricanes/hurricane season, the north is laughing at us about the ice and snow. Now, maybe the two parts of the states will understand each other. 

We don't have snow machines, or plows, or salt, or anything like that to put on our roads because we don't need it. I got stuck in my sorority house one day because there are two bridges leading in and out of sorority row that were closed down. Thank god someone eventually put sand on them and opened one up (because hello, we have tons of freaking sand) so I could actually get where I needed to go. 

Then, my university wanted to have class the day that it was still freaking iced over. Ice was literally falling from the tress, and I personally watched so many people bust their butts from slipping on the ice (myself included) because we can't freaking walk on it. I'm not gonna lie, I had a ton of fun playing in the ice/snow mix at my dads house one of the days, but I'm seriously over this 'wintery mix' that just wants to keep coming.I may or may not have walked into the house yelling "IT'S BEGINNING TO LOOK A LOT LIKE CHRISTMAS" and then later on throughout the day "DO YOU WANNA BUILD A SNOWMAN". Thank goodness my dad loves me. A lot.

We've had three days off of school because of ice storms, and because we live in the SOUTH we don't have any days built into the school semester for stuff like this. Because HELLO it's never cold enough here/it's not hurricane season. Except this year. So we have to make up all of these days by going to Saturday school. But you see, there's a slight problem there, at least for me. I have an internship on a plantation that I only attend on Saturdays. This counts as course credit for me, so no I cannot just skip it. Oh LSU, if only you could get it together. I know they're doing this so we don't miss Mardi Gras/Spring Break/push back graduation, but it's seriously just not cool! 

I'm definitely a Southern/warm weather girl all the way, so winter can just get out of here if you ask me.

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