A Look Ahead: Mardi Gras Weekend

I don't know about you, but I'm currently drowning in school work. This is partially my fault for procrastinating, and partially the fact that being in college everyone expects you to only be taking their class (jokes on them). It's almost midterms week, which basically means the two weeks from hell. Yes, two weeks. Because thank the lord my teachers decided to actually spread their exams out instead of putting them all on the same day. 

But that's not the point of this post. The point of this post is that next week we have Mardi Gras break, aka Monday-Tuesday, and Wednesday morning off, which means mini vacation for me. You see, my paw paw has a fishing camp down in Cocodrie, which is about a three hour drive from where I live. As soon as I get out of my last class on Friday, I'm hightailing it out of here. 

At the camp, there's no internet, no cable, and barely any cell service. I've got a pretty big extended family on my dads side, so there's never a dull moment when we all get together and go to the camp. During the day, we do work on the camp. If it needs new screen on the outdoor porch, checking the pipes, working in the boat shed, mowing the grass, fixing up the dock, or really just whatever else needs to be done. But at night? Everyone slowly beings to let loose. Drinking a beer or two, and just sitting outside talking and laughing, and listening to music. This particular day we had just figured out that you can download an app that, when you hold it up to the sky, tells you what constellations are there. It's pretty cool. 

This weekend is going to be a mixture of a work weekend with a fun weekend. We need to go check the pipes to see that they didn't burst because of the cold, even though we drained them....and it'll be my little sister & I doing a lot of freaking school work. But honestly, I'd rather do it there than anywhere else. This is probably my favorite place in the entire world. 

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  1. The south: the only place where you get a Mardi Gras break. Not fair!! I miss it so much!


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