The Best Baked Blushes Ever

One of my favorite drugstore blushes (that is the hardest thing to find in the entire world -- at least around where I am) comes from Milani. Their baked blushes are seriously one of my favorite things in the entire world. The most recent one that I've found is Luminoso, which is one of the more 'well known' shades. Apparently it's one of the hardest shades to find, but because I normally can't find any of the blushes, this wasn't really too difficult to find.

I know it doesn't really look like I've got any blush on (which is why I kind of love it), but I promise it's there. It's kind of a peachy coralish shade, which is different for me because I'm usually not the largest fan of coral on my skin tone. My younger sister has a darker/more olivey complexion than I do, and it looks good on her as well. I've heard people say that it's one of those universally flattering colors, like NARS Orgasm. 

The blushes are about $8 or $9 depending on where you get it from, but I've managed to find mine on sale for about $6 at Walmart one day. The blush comes with a little mirror and blush brush on the underside of the packaging. This is definitely one of those shades that I will have to repurchase. 

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