RiRi Hearts MAC Collection Launch

Recently, MAC launched their RiRi Hearts MAC Holiday collection. They paired up with Rihanna to create a couple different collections and their most recent one was for the holidays. My friend G and I were at the mall a week ago and when we were in MAC they asked us if we wanted to get our makeup done for free, using Rihanna's new makeup. Being the total girly-girls that we are, we of course agreed, and signed up for a time. 

When we got there, we were assigned to a makeup artist and then it began. I had the nicest guy do my makeup. The first thing that he asked me was, how do I normally do my eye makeup. Honestly, I don't really do too much eye makeup on a normal basis. He didn't want to do a crazy smokey eye on me, since it would look crazy unnatural since I don't normally do too much makeup. Then he walked me through the entire process, and explained the reasons behind what he was doing. 

Above I have two pictures, one of how my eyes look and the bottom one of the whole makeup look. Normally, he wouldn't have done my entire face since I signed up to get my eyes done, but he had extra time and did the rest of my makeup for me. I really loved pretty much all the products that he used. The only thing that I'm wearing that isn't MAC is my lipstick!

Have you ever done something like this before? 

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