My [obvious] Lack of Self Control

So I did this little thing that I probably shouldn't have done...I went shopping in Rite Aid. It's not really my fault though! They were having their end of the year sale, and I've been wanting some of these things for forever. And you know, stressful time after exams means a little bit of shopping right?? 

Well, regardless, I went shopping at Rite Aid and only spent about $35 on all of the things pictured above. I had been wanting to try out the Revlon shadow sticks for quite some time now, so since they were 75% off, I figured why not buy a couple!  I've used one of the Revlon Shadow Sticks, and I'm on the fence with it right now.

The only thing that I'm kind of wary about is the Revlon cream blush. I've never used cream blush before, so I'm not too sure about how to apply that, but I'll figure it out. Once I've used everything I'll let you know what I liked and what I didn't like.

What's your favorite drugstore foundation? 

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