All About: Rimmel Show Off/Apocalips Lip Lacquer

Rimmel is possibly one of my favorite drug store beauty brands. I feel like all of their makeup is reasonably priced for what it does, and what they have. Now, I'm really jealous of everything that they've released in Britain because I feel like we only have about half of what they've released.

At first I thought that they were a type of lip gloss, but when I read some more reviews/actually got the products, I realized that they're a type of liquid lipsticks. They are so amazingly pigmented, or at least the two colors that I bought are. I bought the colors Big Bang and Solstice (I had the hardest time saying this at first).

They're quite long lasting (at least for me, and trust me I can do some damage to the products on my lips). Now, I have some issues normally when applying lipsticks/lip glosses but I found that these apply really easily. I found that they dry semi-matte, which is good because I personally don't like super shiny lip products.

The craziest thing that I noticed about the product is that the application brush actually has a little hole in it that holds a small amount of product which actually helps when putting it on. The oddest thing about these? I thought they smelled like bananas at if that kind of makes you a little creeped out thinking about,  I may say skip them. I like them a lot though.

I've got super chapped lips normally, so I usually wear a little bit of Chapstick under anything that I put on. Plus, I like to reapply them every threeish or so hours. I've heard people say that the formula can be quite drying and they feel like it gets tighter on their lips as it wears off, but popping a little chapstick or lip gloss on top if you feel like it's getting a little too tight on your lips!

Have you tried Rimmel Show Offs/Apocalips before? What'd you think about them?

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*I purchased all of these myself. There are no affiliate links. 

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