All About: Model Co. Party Proof Matte Lipsticks

I received this color in one of my Birchboxes a while back, but haven't actually used it too much since then. I'm not really a bright lipstick kind of person, though sometimes I do get in the mood to put on some bright pinks.

Whenever I think of a matte lipstick, I think of one without any sheen to it. So when I tried this lipstick on for the first time, I was a little bit confused. I definitely wouldn't call this a matte lipstick, but that's just my personal opinion. Something that I also noticed was that it bled quite easily, so you'd definitely need a liner to use this kind of lipstick color from Model Co.

The color looks a little bit different on than it is in the actual tube, so that kind of threw me off a little bit, but it is a gorgeous color regardless of the small differences. The formulation of the actual lipstick is really moisturizing, and the pigmentation is really great. You don't have to build them up because they are so pigmented.

I'd love to try out the Red Velvet color, but unfortunately as for now it only comes in a set of three with Peony (which I already own) and Disco Fever on Birchbox's website. Now, I've heard you can buy them here but they're $17.00 a piece that way. If I was going to buy them, I would just buy them from Birchbox where they're only $24 for a set of three and then just give the other Peony to my little sister.

Have you tried the Model Co. Lipsticks before? What do you think about them? 

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