The Influenster VarsityVox Box

Oh, Influenster. You've done it again. I was sent the Varsity Vox Box from Influenster, which was their 'college themed' box. And I was impressed, well sort-of. There were a few really great things, a few not so great things, and a few okayish things. So let's get started!

On this card describes everything that I received, how much it costs, and a little bit about it. My favorite things they sent me? The Tide Pods, and the Clearasil Daily Cleanser. I loved the smell of this cleanser and it's something that I would totally buy again. It worked really, really well as well. My least favorite things? The Kiss Nail Dresses & the Airhead Xtreme Bites. 

First up, we have Airhead Xtreme Bites. I was just not very impressed by these. I was so excited when I got these because I thought they were going to be sour...they're not in case you're wondering. But regardless, my roommate loved them, they're just not for m3. 

Next: Tide Pods. I love these things, they're probably one of my favorite things in this box. We have to have a specific kind of laundry detergent for doing laundry in the house, so I've been using these Tide Pods for quite some time now. I love how easy they are. I literally just throw a couple in the front pocket of my t-shirt and head down to the laundry room to wash my clothes. 

Then I tried to use the Kiss Nail Dress press on nail polish strips. I hated these as well. I tried to use them but they're really difficult. I put them on my nails but they looked awful. They didn't sit right, and they didn't look good. I just wasn't a huge fan and I definitely wouldn't buy them. They bubbled up really easily, but they came off just as easily. I've used other nail press on things that worked a lot better and were a lot easier to put on before.

Look how big this thing is! I mean, just look at it. It's massive, which made applying the lip gloss a little bit difficult. You see, the brush is about the same size as my bottom lip, which means my teeny tiny top lip has a little trouble with it. 

The smell? Not bad. The smell in the tube is a lot stronger than when it goes on your lips. Taste? Not really any kind of taste. But oh my god the tingles. I didn't think that it would be a tingling lip product, but apparently it is! I like it though and it's something I will definitely keep using/buy again!

Overall I thought that this box was really interesting to send out for a college student. It was great to be able to actually give the brands feedback through the Influenster website as well. It's not often that I get a box from them, but each box has had something that I liked and something that I didn't necessarily enjoy so much.

Would you sign up for Influenster? What did you think of this box? 

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* In case you're wondering, Influnenster did send me this box, but as usual, all opinions are my own. It is not required that I review this box on my website.

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