Stepping into New Territory: Wet 'n' Wild Trio's: Three's a Party & Knock on Wood

The other day I was walking around a drugstore (either Walgreens/Rite Aid/CVS - not really sure which one exactly) and spotted two trios from Wet 'n' Wild. Since I've never owned anything by Wet 'n' Wild before, I was curious to check them out. So I picked them up and brought them home! I've been trying to do my makeup more often, so these two palettes were right up my alley. 

The first one up is Knock on Wood. There are three colors here, that have where they go embossed on them (which is kind of neat!). The colors are kind of a softish medium pink, a really dark deep brown, and a dark rosey color. They come with a sponge applicator and a tiny brush, but I just tossed them out before I got a chance to use them (I don't like tiny brushes like that). 

The colors are really nice and actually quite pigmented, but they're really dusty...which is kind of odd to say. I guess another way to phrase that would be that it's quite powdery. I experienced a bit of fall out with them, but it's not too hard to clean up. The colors are put together really well, which helps if you're like me and have issues pulling colors together (sometimes). 

This next palette I was a bit more apprehensive about picking up. You see, I'm more so one for neutral colors or goldish colors. After I bought it, the only thing I could think was, what did I get myself into....Three's A Party. 

This was from one of Wet 'N' Wild's limited edition lines called Pop Art Craze. After reading a little more about it (after I purchased it), I understand a little more what to do with it. Out of all six palettes, it seemed like this was the only useable palette for real life situations. 

It took a couple of swipes for these shadows to really show up, so they were a little less pigmented than the previous palette, but none the less. The white shadow is quite chalky and fades really quickly. The second one, a darkish-mediumish red was still powdery but much more pigmented than the others. The final shade, the black color is a charcoal black color, but was still chalky. 

I used the "It's a Party" palette for Halloween (well the day before), and really like the way it came out when used with a damp brush. It was so much more pigmented. I use "Knock on Wood" for more of an everyday look, because the colors are easy enough to use without having any skill (aka, me). 

Have you used either of these palettes? Would you wear either of them? 

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*Disclaimer: I bought both of these with my own money. All opinions are my own.

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